After six years working to build a better box office, Tixato will be closing in August 2016.

It’s a tremendously hard decision, and we regret the inconveniences it will cause. We know that for many of you changing to a new ticketing service will take significant time and work. We wish we could provide you the service you deserve at a price that supports our work on it, but we have been unable to do so.

We will continue to support Tixato and fix critical bugs until August 2016, but no new organizations will be able to sign up.

You will be able to export all your data from Tixato. We have also eliminated the Tixato fees for all organizations that have sold tickets within the last year; if you are using Tixato today you will be able to sell tickets for only the credit card fee until Tixato closes.

You can learn more here about why we’ve made this difficult decision. If we can help or answer any questions, please write us at